Zacks Investment Management is an independent boutique wealth management firm. Established in 1992 as a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the largest and most influential independent research firms in the U.S., Zacks Investment Research.
By channelling the insights of our parent firm into a disciplined investment process, we have produced expertly managed strategies that have consistently risen to the top of their peer groups.

Zacks’ Timeline

Zacks Investment Research founded
Len Zacks’ groundbreaking article on earnings estimate revisions
Launch of the Zacks Rank, now widely used in the industry
Zacks Investment Management founded as a subsidary of Zacks Investment Research
Zacks Investment Management launches several successful investment strategies while continuing to influence the industry with concepts like Sales Surprises™ and Target Price data
Portfolio management services become available for individual investors
Harper Collins publishes Ahead of the Market by Mitch Zacks, which outlines the Zacks philosophy
Zacks Investment Management launches the Zacks Dividend Strategy
After creating the first ever semi-active index for micro-cap stocks, Zacks Investment Management is named a Manager of the Decade by PSN
InvestmentNews ranks the Zacks Dividend Strategy as one of the best among U.S. large cap equity performers
Zacks Investment Management is again named Manager of the Decade by PSN
Zacks Investment Management manages over $11 billion for a variety of clients and has earned numerous performance awards. Zacks Investment Research is one of the largest independent research providers in the U.S.



Solomon API™

At Solomon API™, our mission is to grow and protect wealth intelligently for our investors with a foundation built on technology. Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence Investment Strategy (AIIS) utilizes a sophisticated algorithm, quantitative modeling, and a global perspective to manage risk, beyond the risk management strategies within a smart portfolio.
Solomon works in conjunction with our transparent portfolio monitoring tool to provide investors, financial advisors, and portfolio managers an early warning system that consistently tracks vital information on Solomon API™ portfolios. The combination of Advanced Portfolio Intellect and monitoring technology works to help ensure the investor is informed, has confidence the portfolio is being monitored 24/7, and that they have a secondary line of defense in unexpected market conditions.
Utilizing Solomon API™, investors can remain confident that they have systems in place to intelligently grow and protect their wealth.