Knowledge is a wise investment

By combining easy-to-understand information with actionable insights, our company helps make the market seem less daunting—and more approachable.

Re-inventing the financial planning experience

By combining aging science with wealth management, we’re changing how people make financial decisions.


We’re also creating an exceptional experience by giving you the unparalleled access you want to your account and performance information.  We’ve worked with some of the best partners in the business to bring you an incredibly robust and customized clients portal via desktop computer, tablet or mobile app.  You’ll also have access to a document vault, which allows for secure two-way document sharing between the advisor and investor as well as a secure location to store legal and tax documents that are relevant to financial decision-making.

With Wealthspan Investment Management, you have access to a revolutionary firm where

  • Innovation Matters
  • Technology Matters and
  • Experience Matters – both the experience of our principals and advisors and the experience that clients have when they decide to invest with us.

Most firms offer the same products, the same planning (if they offer planning at all), and the same philosophy.

We strive to be different and better.



We’re thorough, we’re professional, and we’re honest. 

The following is the process our advisors work through as we determine if and how we can help increase your wealthspan.