We’re a team of mission-driven experts and learners who are committed to helping clients build their portfolios and retirement funds for life. 

We’re here to help clients expand their wealth and plan for retirement. Our financial planning experts are ready to help you start planning for the future.

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Interested in Becoming a Wealthspan Advisor?

We’re doing some really unique things in how we provide financial advice and the demand for what we do is growing, so we’re always open to discussing our value offer with advisors who are interested in what we’re up to and are open to exploring the opportunity to affiliate with Wealthspan Investment Management. 



Have your own RIA, but looking for a way to out-source asset management, billing, and performance reporting along with gaining access to some of the most innovative technology ever offered to advisors?


Let’s talk about how we might be a good fit for you and see if you’d qualify to join the WIM team.