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We don’t get paid to sell you anything.  Our focus is to get to know how to best serve you through a series of thoughtful questions which allows us to help put you on the best path possible and provide advice to ensure that path helps you accomplish all your goals. 



We don’t answer to anyone but you.  No proprietary products, no quotas to meet, no pressure to recommend any particular funds.  It’s all about what’s best for you.


We charge a transparent fee based on the size of your accounts and the strategies used to manage your accounts.  We do better when you do better, so our incentive is to help you grow your accounts and exceed your expectations, not sell you a product, earn a commission and move on to the next client.  We’re in it for the long-term.


Without a plan, you’re just hoping things will
work out and hope is not an effective investment strategy.  Our unique planning process starts with a longevity analysis and then leads to a great education about where you are and
where you should make some adjustments to help put you in a better position to


Performance matters – PERIOD.  We want you to consider performance on a risk-adjusted basis, as more risk can equate to higher returns, but may not be appropriate.  We aren’t benchmark chasers, but are certainly, keenly aware of how important it is to perform well with the appropriate risk exposure for our clients.


Assess/Analyze is the process of really taking a look at how a client is currently invested to determine risk/return metrics, tax situation, risk profile, etc. This is foundational to being able to help a client – determining the path that they’re currently on to see if there is something you can do to help get them on a better path to success.


Teach is the process of educating a client about your findings concerning the path they’re on. Many clients don’t know why they own what they own, if it is actually what they should own and if there is something different they should do to set them up for success.


Objectives is the process for really understanding what a client would like to accomplish. This is where you will gain an understanding of risk appetite, sources and timing of income, expenses and learn of any wish-list items a client would like to achieve throughout retirement and what they’d like their legacy to look like.

Mitigation is a discussion around why a client would choose to use an advisor in the first place and the risks that are present for retirees (things like market risk, interest rate risk, inflation risk, longevity risk, unexpected healthcare risk, etc.). This leads into a discussion about how creating a unique plan and using different products like annuities and life insurance can help mitigate the risks they face.

Let us provide a market analysis on your portfolio to determine your

Our experienced advisors will provide an analysis and discuss findings without bias to let you know you’re on the right path. We’ll also provide valuable insight, should areas present themselves, where there are clear opportunities for you to take less risk, reduce taxes, reduce fees, or improve overall portfolio performance.


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Financial Analysis & Planning


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  • Risk Assessment
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Tax Analysis
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Analysis, Planning & Wealth Management

  • Fact Finder
  • Risk Assessment
  • Portfolios Analysis
  • Tax Analysis
  • Fee Analysis
  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Full Implementation by Wealthspan Investment Management
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